Company philosophy

Our mission

We operate the online shops, and, for which we develop our own e-commerce solution. We gain a competitive advantage through our motivated employees and customised software.

Our vision

We are consolidating the market leadership of supermagnete (online mail order business for magnets) in Europe through consistent product range expansion and further simplification of the ordering processes. We are constantly expanding the cubeless assortment and, in the near future, will establish our online shop as the top speed cube online shop in Switzerland. For qbendo, we aim for a position as a premium shop for cable ties and fastening solutions in Europe, whose technically superior products present an attractive price-performance ratio. With all three shops, we stand out from the crowd of online shops thanks to high customer satisfaction and smooth processes.

Our values

We treat our customers, partners and colleagues honestly, fairly and with respect. Together, we are committed to creating a good working atmosphere.

Our strategy

We strive for healthy growth. We intend to finance our growth ourselves and not enter into any dependencies. We plan and invest for the long term. We regard a high level of customer satisfaction as an indispensable prerequisite for long-term profitability.